Restauracja Myśliwska Warszawa
Restauracja - kuchnia Staropolska Warszawa
Restauracja - kuchnia Staropolska w Warszawie
Restauracja  Staropolska Warszawa
Restauracja - Staropolska w Warszawie
Restauracja Warszawa
Restauracje Warszawa
Restauracja w Warszawie

The "Przy Zamku" Restaurant

The "Przy Zamku" Restaurant is located in Warsaw's stunning
Castle Square in the very heart of the picturesque Old Town.
A buzzing place filled with visitors from all over the world.
The Restaurant's décor is elegant and highly imaginative
with its Olden Days feel and hunting themes.
The windows provide an impressive view of the historic Royal Castle.
Our menu offers a delectable range of traditional Polish cuisine.
The chefs follow the original, time-honoured recipes and use
the highest quality products to prepare their meals.
Our wine cellar boasts an impressive array of luscious wines,
which will perfectly complement your meal.
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Restauracja StaroPolska Starówka Warszawa

The Przy Zamku Restaurant in Warsaw's stunning Castle Square

Le restaurant Przy Zamku  est situe a un endroit special de Varsovie – la place du Palais Royal

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